Currently, we offer our goods directly through our CSA shares and at the Flagstaff Community Market (Late May – October 18, 2020—pre-order/pickup only due to COVID-19 crisis). At the market, we accept SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks payments [TBA; online payment may not accommodate]. We’re also open to alternative methods of trade/exchange.

We offer:

  • Seasonal produce — market garden and bioregional crops grown using regenerative practices
  • Chicken eggs — hens fed with local food scraps and organic feed, with space to roam, peck, and play
  • Herbs and medicinal plants — teas and medicinal preparations grown on the farm and wildcrafted from the land
  • Plant starts & seeds — young and old plants for your own garden
  • Mushrooms (seasonal) — edible wildcrafted mushrooms gathered from our forests
  • Locally gleaned fruit (seasonal) — gathered from regional trees