2022 CSA Program

Our 2022 CSA is now closed. Check back again next year!

Our CSA program looks a little different this year! In becoming a CSA member, you’ll receive a CSA card with your purchased balance. You can use it much like a gift card—this means you’ll be able to get as much or as little produce as you like week to week, and that money can be spent on any of Refugia’s offerings at the Flagstaff Community Market or anywhere else we vend. If you want to turn the CSA into a flowers-only share, you can do that! If you still want a variety of produce every week, you can pick exactly what you want yourself! This model still gives you access to our fresh, seasonal, locally-grown produce while allowing you to the freedom to choose what you take home.


You can purchase a CSA Card online, and pick them up on the first day we are at the Flagstaff Community Farmers’ Market in May (exact date tba). You can then use the card with us at any and every Flagstaff Community Farmers’ Market for the entire season. Because of your up-front commitment to us, you’ll receive the cards at a 10-15% discount price. For example, purchasing a Baby Share is $90, but you’d have $100 on your card. A Large Share is $270, but you’d have $300 on your card. Please see our full list of options below:


CSA Card Options


  • Baby Share: $100 CSA Card for a $90 payment
  • Small Share: $250 CSA Card for a $225 payment
  • Medium Share: $300 CSA Card for a $270 payment
  • Large Share: $400 CSA Card for a $340 payment
  • Extra-Large Share: $550 CSA Card for a $467 payment


**To relate this to last year’s shares: purchasing a Small Share CSA Card and aiming to spend approximately $15 a week for 16 weeks would replicate a “Small share” from 2021.**



If you don’t want to commit to purchasing with us up-front, that’s okay! You can still get produce from us and fellow farmers on Sunday mornings at the Flagstaff Community Market, May through October.


Questions? Head to our FAQ below or feel free to contact us.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is a CSA?


A CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) program is a mutual commitment between a farmer and consumer. When you purchase a CSA share, you’ll have convenient access to our variety of fresh, seasonal produce grown just east of the Peaks using regenerative growing techniques attuned to the land and its communities. Because of your up-front commitment to us, you get our produce at a 10-15% discount.


Can I only use the card to buy produce?


Nope! You can use it to buy anything we’re selling, whether that be flowers, tote bags, or any of the other products we may have during the season.


What if I lose the card?


We recommend you don’t do that! However, if it does happen, we are able to keep tabs on your balance and ensure you can still use the money.


Can I reload the card?


Yes! You’ll also receive a discount upon reloading it.


Can I use the card outside of the Flagstaff Community Farmers’ Market?


Technically, yes—you can also use it to make purchases through our online store or anywhere else we directly vend. But the Flagstaff Community Farmers’ Market is the primary market we’re planning on attending this season.


Does the card expire?


It’s valid for the entirety of the 2022 market season. If you still have money on your card at the end of the season, we can refund you at that time.


What do I do with my card once it is used up?


You can reload it or return it to us (we can reuse the card and reduce plastic in the landfill).