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Our Mission

We tend kinship between land and people by growing and gathering bioregional crops and by creating thriving refuges for human and other-than-human communities.

Refugia are unique places of relative stability where species can flourish during immense ecological change. Amid upheavals in the social, ecological, political, and economic realities of our time, the word refugia informs our praxis: together, making refuge and taking refuge—for humans and others. We are dedicated to cultivating food-focused refuges that thrive through the present and coming storms of climate change, capitalism, colonialism, and ecological devastation. As we take on the obligations of kinship with the land, so too does the land take care of us.

Who We Are

We are a group of young folk living near the San Francisco Peaks who care deeply about land, water, food, health, and our communities.


Currently, we grow in two small places to the east of the San Francisco Peaks (Timberline & Fernwood neighborhoods) and an additional place northwest of Lake Mary.

Alongside looking for collaborators, we actively seek places in and around Flagstaff and the greater region to sow seeds for vegetable, herb, pollinator, and wildlife gardens. These may include: residential yards, places of worship, vacant plots*, etc.

If you’re interested in participating—in growing, sharing land, sharing market booth space, visiting, volunteering, or whatever else—please contact us below!

What We Offer

We mostly offer our goods through our CSA shares and at the Flagstaff Community Market (City Hall parking lot, May 10 – October 18, 2020). At the market, we accept SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks payments. We’re also open to alternative methods of trade/exchange.

We offer:

  • bioregional and market garden crops using regenerative growing practices
  • herbs and medicinal plants
  • chicken eggs
  • seeds & plant starts
  • locally gleaned fruit from regional trees (seasonal)



Facebook: Refugia Gardens

Instagram: @refugia.gardens

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* Land, teeming with life, is never “vacant,” though this term is widely used in urban land management contexts.